These fees are based on per hour rate and may vary depending on each individual circumstances.

We are affliated with Jtax and NAFS which take our tax knowledge to the next level. Registered agent review the work before lodgement and ensure that all the deducations are included to get maximum tax claim.

Bookkeeping Services   
– Bookkeeping Services Data input (MYOB, XERO, QBooks)from$39per hour
– Bank and Credit card Reconcilitationfrom$55per hour
– Bookkeeping Setup (MYOB, XERO,QBooks)from$250per hour
– Bookkeeping Training (MYOB, XERO,QBooks)from$70per hour
– Monthly Subscriptions (MYOB, XERO, Qbooks)from$59per month
Accounting Services   
– Monthly and Year End Reporting including:from$450per month
– Profit & Loss Statements   
– Balance Sheet Statements   
– Cashflow Statements   
– Accounts Payable & Debtors Analysis   
Government Registrations   
– Set up of new entities (including TFN, ABN, ACN and GSTfrom$650per application
– Standard discretionary or Unit Trustfrom$770per application
– Standard company – includes ASIC Feesfrom$900per application
– Individuals TFN / ABN / GST applicationsfrom$99per application
– Business name Registration (1 year) includes ASIC feesfrom$165per application
– Business name Registration (3 year) includes ASIC feesfrom$260per application
– Business name alteration – includes ASIC feesfrom$165per application
– Self manage superannuation fund (individual trustees)from$770per application
– Change of company name – includes ASIC feesfrom$660per application
– De-registration of company & cancellation of ABN registrationfrom$275per application
Tax Compliances   
– I Return – Salaries & wages onlyfrom$119per return
– I Return – One rental propertyfrom$295per return
– I Return – Two rental propertyfrom$395per return
– I Return – Rental and Sole Trader Business Section (non PP/PP)from$495per return
– I Return – Sole Trader Business Section (Non PP/PP)from$395per return
– I Return – 2 Rentals and Business Sections (Non PP/PP)from$495per return
– Return – Significant Adjustments after client reviewfrom$69per return
– Return Amendments to Assessmentsfrom$195per return
– P Return – Partnership with Business Sectionsfrom$595per return
– P Return – Partnershipfrom$395per return
– T Return – Trustfrom$670per return
– C Return – Companyfrom$495per return
– Financial Report – Company, Trust, Sole Traderfrom$499per return
– IAS Reconciliation/Preparationfrom$50per hour
– IAS Lodgment and Review Feefrom$100per hour
– BAS Reconciliation / Preparationfrom$50per hour
– BAS Lodgment and Review feefrom$140per return
– ATO Inquiryfrom$240 
– ATO Audit, Objection, Negotiation, Correspondencefrom$80per hour
– Service Call Outfrom$70 


TFN – Tax File Number ABN – Australian Business Number GST – Goods & Services Tax

The above fees are estimates only, subject to change and may be altered without prior notics.

Review and Lodgment of Tax matters by Registered Tax Agent under Licence NAFS (AUST) 2020 Trust ABN 50 614 402 891